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Senior Living

Ginger Cove - Attractive senior living design creating a sense of community.
Intergenerational design creating a sense of family

We understand the sensory changes that take place as people age.  In our youth oriented culture people don’t like to be reminded that they’re getting older.

Our design philosophy is to create spaces that take into account changing bodies without creating an institutional look. In our spaces we compensate for deterioration of senses that occur as people age while creating a calming home like environment. Our knowledge of codes and requirements allow us to create an environment in which residents feel comfortable with furniture and finishes that meets their needs and safety.

We understand the importance of creating community spaces to allow residents who are able to interact in community activities while providing adequate security to maintain the safety of all residents.

We understand that relocation becomes more difficult as we age. Our main goal when designing spaces is to create an environment that residents feel is their home while maintaining their safety.